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7月7日,二十国集团领导人第十二次峰会在德国汉堡举行。国家主席习近平出席并发表题为《坚持开放包容 推动联动增长》的重要讲话。[新华社 谢环驰 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the 12th Summit of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies in Hamburg, Germany, July 7, 2017. (Xinhua/Xie Huanchi)
二十国集团领导人第十二次峰会7日在德国汉堡举行。国家主席习近平出席并发表题为《坚持开放包容 推动联动增长》的重要讲话。全文如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday delivered a speech at the 12th Summit of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies. The following is the full text of the speech:

坚持开放包容 推动联动增长
中华人民共和国主席 习近平

Promoting Openness and Inclusiveness
To Achieve Interconnected Growth
Statement on the State of the Global Economy
by H.E. Xi Jinping
President of the People's Republic of China
At the G20 Hamburg Summit
Hamburg, 7 July 2017

Chancellor Merkel,
Dear colleagues,
汉堡被誉为“世界桥城”。很高兴同大家在这里相聚,共商架设合作之桥、促进共同繁荣大计。首先,我谨对默克尔总理及德方的热情周到接待,表示衷心感谢。It is a great pleasure to be with you in Hamburg, the City of Bridges, to discuss ways of building a bridge of cooperation to advance our shared prosperity. First of all, I express heartfelt appreciation to you, Chancellor Merkel, and the German government for your warm hospitality.
当前,世界经济出现向好势头,有关国际组织预计,今年世界经济有望增长3.5%。这是近年来最好的经济形势。有这样的局面,同二十国集团的努力分不开。同时,世界经济中的深层次问题尚未解决,仍然面临诸多不稳定不确定因素。The global economy is showing signs of moving in the right direction. The related international organizations forecast that it will grow by 3.5 percent this year, the best performance that we have seen in several years. This would not be possible without the efforts of the G20. On the other hand, the global economy is still plagued by deep-seated problems and faces many uncertainties and destabilizing factors.
面对挑战,杭州峰会提出了二十国集团方案:建设创新、活力、联动、包容的世界经济。汉堡峰会把“塑造联动世界”作为主题,同杭州峰会一脉相承。我们要共同努力,把这些理念化为行动。这里,我愿谈几点意见。Facing such challenges, the G20 agreed in Hangzhou last year on the path forward: building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy. This year, building on the theme of the Hangzhou Summit, the Hamburg Summit has made "Shaping an Interconnected World" its theme. What we need to do now is to work together to translate our vision into action. With this in mind, I wish to state the following:
第一,我们要坚持建设开放型世界经济大方向。这是二十国集团应对国际金融危机的重要经验,也是推动世界经济增长的重要路径。国际组织当前调高世界经济增长预期,一个重要原因就是预计国际贸易增长2.4%、全球投资增加5%。我们要坚持走开放发展、互利共赢之路,共同做大世界经济的蛋糕。作为世界主要经济体,我们应该也能够发挥领导作用,支持多边贸易体制,按照共同制定的规则办事,通过协商为应对共同挑战找到共赢的解决方案。Firstly, we should stay committed to building an open global economy. This commitment of the G20 to build open economies saw us through the global financial crisis, and this commitment is vital to reenergizing the global economy. Various international organizations have revised upward forecast for this year's global growth, mainly because of a projected 2.4 percent growth for global trade and 5 percent growth for global investment. We must remain committed to openness and mutual benefit for all so as to increase the size of the global economic "pie". As the world's major economies, we should and must lead the way, support the multilateral trading system, observe the jointly established rules and, through consultation, seek all-win solutions to common challenges we face.
第二,我们要共同为世界经济增长发掘新动力。这个动力首先来自创新。研究表明,全球95%的工商业同互联网密切相关,世界经济正在向数字化转型。我们要在数字经济和新工业革命领域加强合作,共同打造新技术、新产业、新模式、新产品。这个动力也来自更好解决发展问题,落实2030年可持续发展议程。这对发展中国家有利,也将为发达国家带来市场和投资机遇,大家都是赢家。杭州峰会就创新和发展达成重要共识,有关合作势头在德国年得以延续,下一步要不断走深、走实。Secondly, we should foster new sources of growth for the global economy. Innovation, more than anything else, is such a new source of growth. Research shows that 95 percent of the world's businesses are now closely linked with the Internet, and the global economy is transitioning toward a digital economy. This means we should boost cooperation in digital economy and the new industrial revolution and jointly develop new technologies, new industries, new business models and new products. Another source of growth derives from making greater efforts to address the issue of development and implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and such efforts will both benefit developing countries and generate business and investment opportunities for developed countries. In other words, this will be a win-win game for all. At the Hangzhou Summit last year, we reached important consensus on innovation and development. This momentum of cooperation created has been sustained this year under the German chairmanship of G20. Going forward, we should see that more substantial and concrete outcomes are delivered.
第三,我们要携手使世界经济增长更加包容。当前,世界经济发展仍不平衡,技术进步对就业的挑战日益突出。世界经济论坛预计,到2020年,人工智能将取代全球逾500万个工作岗位。二十国集团的一项重要使命,就是本着杭州峰会确定的包容增长理念,处理好公平和效率、资本和劳动、技术和就业的矛盾。要继续把经济政策和社会政策有机结合起来,解决产业升级、知识和技能错配带来的挑战,使收入分配更加公平合理。二十国集团应该更加重视在教育培训、就业创业、分配机制上交流合作。这些工作做好了,也有利于经济全球化健康发展。Thirdly, we should work together to achieve more inclusive global growth. Currently, global economic growth is not balanced, and technological advances work against job creation. According to the projection of the World Economic Forum, artificial intelligence will take away more than 5 million jobs in the world by 2020. The G20 has an important mission, which is to reaffirm the vision of pursuing inclusive growth agreed upon at the Hangzhou Summit last year, and strike a balance between fairness and efficiency, between capital and labor, and between technology and employment. To achieve this goal, we must ensure synergy between economic and social policies, address the mismatch between industrial upgrading and knowledge and skills, and ensure more equitable income distribution. The G20 needs to place more importance on cooperation in education, training, employment, business start-up and wealth distribution-related mechanisms, as progress on these fronts will make economic globalization work better.
第四,我们要继续完善全球经济治理。国际金融危机爆发以来,二十国集团在加强宏观政策协调、改革国际金融机构、完善国际金融监管、打击避税等方面取得积极成果,为稳定金融市场、促进经济复苏作出了重要贡献。下一步,我们要在上述领域继续努力,特别是要加强宏观政策沟通,防范金融市场风险,发展普惠金融、绿色金融,推动金融业更好服务实体经济发展。Fourthly, we should continue improving global economic governance. In the wake of the global financial crisis, the G20 has done a lot to improve macroeconomic policy coordination, reform international financial institutions, tighten international financial regulation and combat tax avoidance, thus ensuring financial market stability and recovery. We should build on these achievements. In particular, we should strengthen coordination of macroeconomic policies, forestall risks in financial markets and develop financial inclusion and green finance to make the financial sector truly drive the development of the real economy.
不久前,中国成功举办“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛。与会各方本着共商、共建、共享精神,在促进政策沟通、设施联通、贸易畅通、资金融通、民心相通上取得丰硕成果,努力打造治理新理念、合作新平台、发展新动力。这同二十国集团的宗旨高度契合。China recently hosted a successful Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. Acting in the spirit of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, the forum participants achieved fruitful outcomes in terms of boosting the connectivity of policies, infrastructure, trade, finance and people. Guided by a new vision of governance, we built a new platform of cooperation to tap into new sources of growth. The commitment of the Belt and Road Forum is highly compatible with the goal of the G20.
德国谚语说,一个人的努力是加法,一个团队的努力是乘法。让我们携手合作,推动联动增长,促进共同繁荣,不断向着构建人类命运共同体的目标迈进!A German saying goes to the effect that, "Those who work alone, add; those who work together, multiply." In this spirit, let us work together to promote interconnected growth for shared prosperity and build toward a global community with a shared future.
谢谢大家。Thank you.
(Source: Xinhua)